Where do you draw the line?

For this project I wanted to discover and uncover the history of the word taboo and how some cultures actions and rituals others could perceive as taboo. The word originates from Polynesia where they call it “Tapu” or “Kapu”, meaning forbidden, sacred or banned from general use. I wanted the work to reflect this culture; therefore I looked at various aspects of Polynesian life such as the Tattoo and the Tapa cloth. I then went on to produce a series of five icons depicting various rituals that are still preformed to this day from cultures all around the world. I was inspired by the symbolism used in India, Polynesia, West Africa and in particular Native America.

The drawstring bag features a Tapa cloth inspired print, which holds the five wooden pendants, the purpose of this is to reflect the art of making Tapa cloth, which is made from tree bark. The six cards come with a description of each ritual along with a card that explains the meaning of the symbology. The idea is to match the card to the pendant using the description and symbology card as a guide.

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